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Evol Walks Release Cover of Alice in Chains Classic 'Man in the Box'

As you all know, I have been based in Stockholm, Sweden since October 2020 writing the new 'Evol Walks' album.

Everything is still in the Demo stages and, while it is coming along very well, it is still frustrating to not have anything that you can hear!

While working with Chris Wetterstrom at his studio Music Solutions AB in Enskede, I had the idea to cover one of my favourite songs 'Man in the Box' by Alice in Chains. Chris is an amazing Producer and Engineer PLUS a kick ass guitarist and he was more than happy to produce it and play on it for me.

I enlisted the talents of another Swedish shredder Johan Lund for the solo as well as my fave LA girl Alex Nicole Windsor for the Bass parts.

Jimmy Lee (our usual Evol Walks Drummer) was kind enough to record the video for the drums. This is something we will be releasing later on.

'Man in the Box' is out across all streaming platforms NOW!

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