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Vocalist. Songwriter. Guitarist.


Leah Martin-Brown's musical journey kicked off at 11 when she first picked up a guitar, sensing an innate connection to the art. Growing up in Burleigh Heads, Leah found stages wherever she could, often convincing family friends to let her perform in their bars and restaurants. By 16, Leah was already a fixture on the Gold Coast music scene, performing her original music as 'Lilly Rouge' at local festivals, youth events, and even nightclubs. After completing her 'Bachelor of Popular Music' at Griffith University in 2011, Leah moved to Melbourne for a Master of Music Education, discovering her true passion lay in the city's music scene. Returning to Queensland in 2012, Leah collaborated with producer Stuart Stuart, resulting in over 30 tracks released under 'Lilly Rouge.' This led to national tours, opening for acts like 'Everclear' and 'Presidents of the United States,' and a spot at the 2013 'Big Day Out' Festival. Her talent caught the attention of A&R Worldwide. The universe had spoken and Leah packed up and moved to California working with producer Brian Howes and the birth of 'Evol Walks.' Noteworthy moments include Leah's performance at Polish Woodstock in front of 250,000 people and her signing with Blue Lemon Management in 2019, marking a pivotal step in her career. Now based in Los Angeles, CA, Leah has embarked upon her solo adventure with her debut single, the catchy pop/rock fusion 'Boys' produced by Mutt Lange & Tony Nilsson. Expect more to come!

Soundcheck Live - 'Let It Be'
Soundcheck Live Official

Soundcheck Live - 'Let It Be'

Soundcheck Live - Let It Be Watch, Stream, Listen and Share. All proceeds of the'Let It Be' single will be donated to the Relief Fund DONATE NOW at Single available to purchase or stream on all digital music services Featuring: Avril Lavigne, Nuno Bettencourt, Orianthi, Phil X, Gary Cherone, dUg Pinnick Words and Music by John Lennon and Paul McCartney Produced by Steve Ferlazzo Connect Online: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: PERFORMERS LISTED IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE: CARL RESTIVO - Vocals STEVE FERLAZZO - Piano JOHN BISAHA - Vocals/BGVs ROBBIE GENNETT - Piano GABRIELA -Vocals BRIAN LONDON - Piano MARIA BETTENCOURT - BGV's FELICE HERNANDEZ - BGV’s DAVE KERZNER - Mellotron ANGELA MICHAEL - BGV’s DANICA PINNER - Cello REBECCA SCHLAPPICH-CHARLES - Violin, Viola ELIZA JAMES - Violin FERNANDO PERDOMO - Elec. Guitar TOMMY DEMPSEY - Vocals, BGV's CHRISTIAN HOGAN - Drums ALEXANDER BURKE - Organ RYAN BROWN - Percussion RODNEY HOWARD - Percussion LUIS GIL BETTENCOURT - Elec. Guitar GARY CHERONE - Vocals CHAD WRIGHT - Drums MARTY O’BRIEN - Bass AVRIL LAVIGNE - Vocals BARRY POINTER - Acoustic Guitar GLEN SOBEL - Drums JOE PESSIA - Bass MICHAEL BLUESTEIN - Organ JOE AUGELLO - Elec. Guitar, Lead Guitar DAN ELLIS - Elec. Guitar HOLLY BISAHA - BGV's LEAH MARTIN-BROWN - Vocals, BGV's JON MANNESS - Trumpet ALEXANDER MATHIAS - Saxophone CHRIS REEVE - Drums STEVE FEKETE - Elec. Guitar, Lead Guitar ASHLEY REEVE - Bass RANDY COOKE - Drums JAMES KING - Glockenspiel MIKE MANGAN - Organ JERRY JEMMOTT - Bass MIKE BENNETT - Drums SVEN MARTIN - Elec. Piano DEREK FRANK - Bass DAVID IMMERMAN - Acoustic Guitar JOEY SYKES - Elec. Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, BGV's PHIL X - Lead Guitar MIKE MANGINI - Drums DUG PINNICK - Bass ORIANTHI - Lead Guitar STU HAMM - Bass NUNO BETTENCOURT - Lead Guitar, Vocals KEVIN “KFigg” FIGUEIREDO - Drums ANNETTE MARIE FRANK - BGV's LISA MARGAROLI - BGV's JENNIFER JO OBERLE - Bass AUGUST ZADRA - Acoustic Guitar KOREL TUNADOR - Elec. Piano DEVIN BRONSON - Elec. guitar RACHEL GRACE - Violin, Viola GINNY LUKE - Violin KINGA BACIK - Cello AUDIO ENGINEERS: PETE JONAS - Vocal Engineer for Avril Lavigne MATTHEW KING ROSS -Audio Engineer for Eliza James -Violin ADAM BARTOW - Audio Engineer for Tommy Dempsey - Vocals VIDEOGRAPHER: LAUREN BATES - for Avril Lavigne MIXED BY: PAUL HAGER MASTERING BY: MAOR APPELBAUM VIDEO EDITOR: MIKE SAVAGE
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